Malicious is now LIVE!

Do you remember Oliver and Savannah from Treacherous? Now you can read their story!

Malicious is now LIVE and available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Oliver Conley….
He’s crass, selfish, malicious. The worst kind of person.
From our very first encounter we were at odds. Standing on opposite ends of the battlefield preparing for war.
He didn’t care for me.
I despised him.
Until one day things started to change….

I didn’t want to want him. Hell, I hated myself for it.
And yet, there I was, falling hard for a man I had sworn as my mortal enemy.
But as time passed, I started to see him differently.
I started to see beyond the perfect exterior he exuded.
I started to see him.
But how can you truly know someone who’s spent their entire life hiding behind a façade?

Lines are drawn.
Secrets are revealed.
And when the dust finally settles, nothing will ever be the same again.

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