From USA Today Bestselling Author, Alex Grayson, comes an emotionally captivating love story that rivals time…. 

I met him when I was eight and he saved me from the bullies on the school playground. 

The next day, he called me his girl. 

When we were thirteen, we began to look at each other differently. 

At fourteen, we shared our first kiss. 

We were sixteen the first time we made love and promised to always cherish each other. 

The night before we graduated high school, he asked me to marry him, and the day before we left to attend college, I did. 

Our first child came when we were twenty-three. 

Lincoln was my once in a lifetime, my destiny. I was his happily ever after, his kismet. Our future was forevermore written in the stars. The indescribable kind of love everyone searches for, but rarely ever finds. A love so strong, one lifetime wouldn’t be enough. His soul was my mate, and mine was his. 

Our life was perfect. 

Until it wasn’t. 

Fate brought us together. 

Now it will tear us apart.

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