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So, it has recently come to my attention that some people may be mislead by Trouble in Hell’s blurb and a couple of teasers, and they think it’s more paranormal and less romance. I want to clear that up. Trouble in Hell is in no way PNR. There is nothing in the story that could be misconstrued as PNR once you read it. I understand now how some may get the paranormal vibe by simply reading the blurb and a couple of teasers, so I’m revising it. Trouble in Hell is a romantic suspense novel, with a slight lean toward thriller.

There’s also been a few mentions that they automatically thought reverse harem. This completely blew my mind away, as I would have NEVER thought this. It was mentioned that the first two words in the blurb (four men) threw them off. Although, those two words would have never made ME think of RH, I can possibly understand why it might for some, just from the fact RHs are popular right now. So, again, Trouble in Hell is NOT a reverse harem book. These men are extremely close, but in a purely brotherly way. They often refer to themselves as brothers.

The new revised blurb for Trouble in Hell is below!



Trouble and his brothers escaped from Malus, Texas as kids. In the dead of night, they left behind a hell so hideous, it made national news.

Years later, they returned to make the place that was once their living nightmare, a safe place for those who have suffered just as they have.

When Remi comes to town, heavily pregnant and in desperate need of help, as the town’s only doctor, Trouble reluctantly offers his services. Little did he know the strong attraction he would feel for the woman. He fights it, tries to push it to the side, but it only grows stronger, nearly consuming him.

Love is not something Trouble can afford to feel. Not when he still has vengeance in his blood and the need to punish those of his past. Not when he knows Remi would never be able to see past the merciless actions he must carry out.

Remi has no time for love either, no matter how much her heart yearns for Trouble. Not when danger is knocking on her door, demanding something she’ll never be able to give.

Will the darkness in their pasts devour them, or will they find the beauty that’s just out of reach? In a town like Malus, anything is possible….

I hope this cleared up any confusion, and hey, if it made you want to purchase, you can get it from Amazon and it’s FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers!

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